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Help & Tips
Tips For Success

General Etiquette
During every correspondence, every e-mail or while chatting, please do not forget to treat each other respectfully and courteously. The issue „young woman – mature man" can lead to misunderstandings during communication for the difference in age alone.
This makes polite conduct particularly important. In case somebody does not abide to this and even insults or verbally harasses you, please report the profile (using the report function next to every profile) and add this member to your „Ignore Member" list. This person will not be able to contact you anymore.


What can a young woman expect from RTJ ?
At RTJ mature men, especially looking for a younger partner, await you as a young woman. Most gentlemen belong to the group of „above-average-earners". The rate of graduates is very high. You will find many doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors and millionaires / independent gentlemen at RTJ. All these men (many of them already divorced) are searching a young woman. Most of the time they know better than younger men how to treat a woman and how to make her happy. These men handle life and love more relaxed and contended due to their greater experience of life.

What can a mature gentleman expect from RTJ ?
As a mature gentleman you will find young ladies below the age of 30 years exclusively.
What does that mean? A young women seeks a feeling of security, safety, experience and mental balance by looking for a mature gentleman. Mature men have an advantage in intuition, are more tolerant and have quieter manners compared to younger men. At RTJ young women looking for these character traits await mature gentlemen. Some hope to find their partner for life others are just looking for an entertaining relationship and fun.

Tips for first establishing contacts
What has to be considered with the first e-mail to a stranger?
Young women rather like to be addressed than take the first step themselves. Hence, just like in real life, the gentleman often has to pave the way. As a gentleman please keep in mind, that a young woman is likely to receive lots of e-mails and maybe cannot or does not want to answer all men directly. Please be patient and do not write several e-mails to the same lady. This might be considered as intrusive and leads to the opposite of the desired effect (and maybe you even will be added to the „Ignore" list of the respective person).

Content of the first e-mail
What exactly do you write to a stranger ? The first problem arising is the form of adress.
How to adress a perfect starnger ? Generally it can be said, that your language has to be polite and should, if possible, mirror your peronality. If you are a casual, easy-going person this should be recognizable in your mail. Yet formal language is never completely wrong. Please avoid exaggerated lines like „Hi Sweetheart" or „What´s up, Sweetie ?". Even „Hi Unkown" or similar lines are not exactly adequate, as nearly everybody uses them. If possible, refer to the profile name of the person.

Regarding the content of the first e-mail, it can be mentioned that it should not be too long, as not many people take the time to read long texts of strangers in their entirety.
You should also beware of texts, that look as they have be copied and sent to everybody. You should rather respond to the profile and picture of the strange person in an individual and charming manner and write something about name, looks, profession or something similar.

After a positive response
You received a positive response to your e-mail ? That is already a good sign.
Please do not attach too much importance to a single e-mail. Try not to read too much into it. Do respond in an adequate time frame (neither wait too long nor answer right away) and stick to the language used in the first mail. React to the received text and try not to ask for a date or a phone number right away. With a little luck you have made a charming acquaintance.

Tips for more success in seeking a partner
In case your search for a partner at RTJ was not crowned with success yet, we have compiled a few additional tips for you.

1) Profile Photos
You have written to many persons, yet received only a few answers or quickmails (mails with pre-written standard phrases) ? This might be caused by your photos. If you have no photos uploaded, you might want to change this. A good photo dramatically increases chances for contact. Tip: You do not have to show every photo to everyone, RTJ offers the possibility to make photos visible only to your favourites.
If have have already uploaded photos at RTJ, you should check their quality. When photos are of minor quality, maybe taken with a cellular phone, you might consideri having pictures taken by a professional photographer. This does not cost much but increases your chances at your online search for a partner. First impression is one of the most iomportant features in real life. This is not any different online. You just have more control about the first impression here than in „real life"
If you do not have a digital version, please feel free to send in your printed photos (RTJ GbR - Loschmidtstr. 15 - 10587 Berlin). We will scan and upload your pictures for 19,- Euro per piece. We will return your photos if you include return postage.

2) Additional Photos
Show other things not just yourself. Make yourself more intereting by showing maybe your house or apartment, your car or pictures from holiday trips. Photos with friends or acquaintances are very popular. This shows a potential partner that you are a sociable person.

3) Uploading Video / Audio
Maybe you have not noticed yet. Besides pictures you can also upload audio and videofiles at RTJ. In the last few years the technical possibilites for creating videos of yourself have increased considerably, as most PCs or cellular phones offer functions. Make a video or simply record your voice and upload the results. If you do not exactly know how to do this, feel free to ask us. We will gladly assist you.

4) Better Profile Texts
There is a so-called „open array" when describing your profile at RTJ, entitled „About Me". It offeres the possibility to tell people about yourself. Please do not make this text too long, as nobody will read this in its entirety. Sarcastic texts are also not the best choice because they are likely to be misunderstood. Rather briefly highlight yourself and write a few personal about yourself and whom you hope to find here.

5) Improve your „market value"
Even if it sounds silly: every person on the single market has his or her value. Go ahead and present your advantages but do not exaggerate and look like bragger. This would not go down so well. Do not talk about money and how much you make, rather show a picture of your house, your nice car or other things (see above at „additional photos"). As described above professional pictures of yourself are the best choice for „self promotion", increasing your market value.

6) Whom to write to ? And how many contacts ?
It generally applies that if you find a person attractive, do write him or her. Still you should not become intrusive ( in terms of content as well as the number of submissions). Espeaclliy men try to reach their goal by „quantity instead of quality", writing to hundreds of women with the same text. This does not lead to satisfactory results. On the other hand it is certainly true that if you do not get active not much will happen. And this goes particularly for men. Try to only contact persons you are really interested in adressing them as individually as possible.

Tip: Often try the "new members" area, because here you will find persons, who have not yet gotten many mails, which increases your chances.

Beware of cheaters
Unfortunately it does occur that women, and sometimes men disguised as women, ask male premium members for money. This money is reputedly needed for travel expenses, for a sick child, for unpaid rents or other emergency situations. Do not be put off ! In 99,9 % of all cases it is a form of fraud when a young woman, you do not know personally, asks for money ! Please NEVER transfer money to a stranger, no matter the reason. If you find such a person at RTJ, please report to us. We will delete the profile and and issue an order to stay away from our website.

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